750kg Unbraked Trailer

At a Glance

Our Portable Signal Unbraked Trailer carries up to 750kg and is designed for Micro and RadioMaster traffic lights. It features a low bed height for easy loading and can carry 2 RadioMaster or 4 Micro portable traffic lights.

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Traffic Group Signals offer a range of Type Approved trailer designs, specifically manufactured to transport our portable signals.


Our 750kg unbraked trailer is designed to carry both Micro and RadioMaster traffic lights, offering greater flexibility. The trailer is designed to carry 2 RadioMaster or 4 Micro units with signal heads.


Operatives will find loading signals safe and simple with its low bed height and the assisted easy lift ramp tail, and the Varidoc frame system will ensure that the equipment is held securely in place. It features rear prop stands to support unloading and a beam axle with sealed-for-life bearings.


The trailer comes with full LED lighting system and rear reflective chevron panel.


Why buy the 750kg unbraked Trailer?

We recommend the unbraked trailer for traffic management companies who require an additional means to transport their growing fleet without investing in more vehicles or having operatives pass a C1+E driving test.


Built at the Pike Works
  • Carries 4 Micro or 2 RadioMaster signals
  • Safe, secure and simple to use
  • Full LED lighting system and reflective chevrons

Component Torque Guidance


Torque (Nm)

Holding Axle bracket to sub frame 95
Front of trailer, underneath 55
Prop Stand bracket 65
Jockey Wheel Mounting Plate 95
Delta Plate mounting bolts 115
Coupling Mounting 90
A-Frame Support – Front 115
A-Frame Support – Back 115
Recommended Service Interval 12 Weeks or less following repair or extended usage

Wheels and Tyres

Wheel type Starco
Tyre size 145 R10
Load capacity 475 KGS
Speed rating N
Wheel nut type Studs
Tyre Pressure 50 PSI
Wheel Nut Torque 90 Nm
Recommended Service Interval 12 Weeks or less following repair or extended usage




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