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We help reduce congestion at roadworks through our advanced temporary signal systems.

With mounting pressure to reduce roadworks’ impact on the environment and the travelling public, the industry has to innovate and adopt new working methods.

There are significant opportunities to address these challenges through advancements in traffic signal technology; our traffic signal solutions are at the forefront of innovation, delivering performance and flexibility gains far surpassing competitor offerings.

More capable products lead to greater complexity sites, therefore our professional services division was formed to support customer success, working together to create Safer, Greener and More Efficient street works and road works.

The future of traffic management
is digital.

Why use Pro Support?

As you look to reduce the impacts of temporary traffic management, you must consider moving beyond simplistic, phase-based signalling and adopt a stage-based signalling strategy. 

Stage-based signalling requires an understanding of permanent signalling techniques, and the ability to design schemes that are appropriate for the environment and traffic characteristics. The skills and knowledge needed for this approach are unchartered territory for temporary traffic management firms.

Our Professional Services team take the hard work out of the signal scheme design, implementation and UTC integration, giving you peace of mind and allowing you to focus on service delivery.


Better Tools

Working with our Professional Services Team provides access to the latest technology, both in signal hardware and software solutions. This can open up opportunities for traffic managers, highways authorities and civils contractors.


You will benefit from the combined expertise of our signalling engineers and product experts, who will work with your end client to deliver the results required.


24/7 Support

Our team will be on hand, 24/7. If you need to change the scheme to accommodate phases in the works or an unforeseen incident, our Pro Support team are just a phone call away.


Professional Services

Using our advanced Metro and Evo1 product range, we’ll provide bespoke signal solutions tailored to your scheme. Our Professional Services are all about helping you succeed and making work sites safer and more efficient.

Scheme Design

Full end-to-end scheme design with journey time modelling.

Scheme Simulation

We are able to simulate schemes for demonstration purposes for your end client.

Journey Time Monitoring

CLive, our Journey Time bot tracks average journey times through key sites.

Site Monitoring

We use CCTV, hardward tracking and automated reporting to monitor sites.

Bespoke Requirements

For times where the client is in need of something a little different.

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Scheme Design

Traffic Group Signals understands that signal deployments into high profile locations require careful design and close monitoring, often requiring timing and site layout changes as the public adapts to new road layouts.

As more is learnt about the site, changes can be made on-the-fly using our proprietary Signal Studio design software, which integrates with the on-site Pro controller. Our industry leading software platform features a full intergreen matrix, with a wizard for calculating intergreens to accommodate for different road users.


Site Monitoring

We have developed a range of tools to monitor and maintain sites following deployment.

Our CCTV solution has proved vital in pro-actively managing sites, and is used to respond to incidents or to offer remote support to customers.

CLive, our journey time bot, tells us when road users are taking longer than expected to travel through road works.

We also have tools to monitor our hardware, which ensures equipment remains fully operational on live sites.

Bespoke Requirements

We know that every site is different, and sometimes you need to reach for something a little bit extra to achieve your goals.

Remote activated haul route in a busy urban location?

Our Professional Services team will work with you to understand your client needs and balance these against those of the Highway Authority to deliver a scheme that is highly flexible yet supports vehicle movements through the site. Our combined technical and manufacturing expertise enables us to develop bespoke solutions for our end users.

Benefits for your Customers

  • Flexibility

    We are able to work with the TM provider to make changes to site layout and timings, often without needing to visit the site. This provides your customers with a high level of flexibility without the additional cost.

  • Communication

    When designing complex schemes we coordinate with all parties, providing detailed plans for the equipment and configuration being deployed on site. We are also able to provide reporting on site assets as required.

  • Maximum value

    Our Professional Services team ensures that the TM provider gets the maximum performance out of our products, without requiring extensive training. All signal configuration is left to our experts, so your customers benefit from the most efficient signalling possible for the site.

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More in Support

  • Service, Maintenance & Repair

    Whether you are looking for routine maintenance or signal repair, we have a solution that works for you.

  • FleetAssist

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