Corporate Social Responsibility

Our commitment to sustainable development

Statement of Intent

We recognise sustainability to be that which “considers the economic, social and environmental needs for us and others at the present time and the needs of future generations”. This means we believe it is crucial for businesses to behave fairly and ethically towards society, customers, suppliers, environment, and employees.

At the Traffic Group Ltd we are committed to a CSR policy that enables sustainable development.

We hope to be pioneering in our corporate social responsibility within our sector and seek to encourage and collaborate with our industry partners to magnify our collective efforts.

“Our commitment to technological innovation means that our product portfolio benefits from unique, environmentally-focused design elements.”

Peter Hutchinson
Managing Director

Our Policy Aims

We have chosen to focus our efforts on eight of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s).

We have five principle aims of our CSR policy, these are closely linked to 8 SDG’s that relate to major challenges faced in the UK, along with goals that we believe can effectively support by leveraging our available resources and expertise. There is an even spread of Biosphere, Society and Economy Goals to ensure a diverse range of activities within the scope of our CSR activities.

More information on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals can be found here.


We adhere to continually improving targets and objectives to reduce pollution. Our end goal is to become a climate-positive group of organisations.

To achieve this we intend to go above and beyond Government regulation, to ensure truly fair and ethical treatment of the environment. We aim to continually improve our Environmental Management Systems.


Waste & Water

We aim to eliminate waste wherever possible to help achieve an end goal of zero waste to landfill, from purchasing through to end-of-life reuse and disposal. This aim aligns with our willingness to assist the national transition to a circular economy. We are also mindful to continually reduce our water consumption and efficiency of use.

Waste and Water


We recognise that our position allows us to have a direct impact on our neighbours and that this should be a constructive relationship.

We contribute time and resources to actively reduce our societal impacts to better the local, national and international communities we are a part of. These activities relate to our industry and are also led in the wider community by our employees.

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Skills Development

We strive to help further the betterment of our employees by investing time and making relevant training freely available.

We invest in the skills of our employees to create a resource suitable to tackle the tough challenges we face. We exchange resources and knowhow to help better collaboration with all our stakeholders. This aids sustainable decisions, improved
outcomes, and cohesion.

Sustainable Value Chains

We only engage in business interactions with suppliers that share our commitment to fair and ethical treatment of their stakeholders.

Where we can, we work with and encourage our suppliers and customers to pursue best practice. We aim to minimise the combined impact of our activities on the environment and society. This is principally targeted through collaboration and continuous improvement.

Sustainable Value Chains
Circular Economy Statement

“There is a finite amount of resources available on the planet, however we require an infinite amount to service the way that we consume.

To sustainably continue to use natural capital for product and service provision, we must transition towards a circular economy.”

Our Business Community

Our employees are the driving force for all our company efforts, especially those around our CSR activities. We endeavour to empower every member of our team to make a meaningful contribution to our policy aims that also resonates with their personal beliefs. We also aim to engage with the rest of our community to find common aims and initiatives which will help us magnify the combined effect of our outcomes.

We work with each customer and supplier individually to provide the best holistically delivered solution which is mindful of societal and environmental impacts.

Our customers should be confident that in choosing products from The Traffic Group, they are helping enable us to contribute towards a sustainable future.

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