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Wireless UTC
by Traffic Group Signals

We help Contractors, Highways Authorities and Traffic Management companies create Urban Traffic Control connected roadworks without the hassle.

Let’s Connect!

Standard portable signals don’t sync with permanent signals

Conventional portable signals don’t integrate with the existing fixed signal network, potentially disrupting traffic flow.

Solutions that do are labour intensive and can be expensive to install, often requiring overhead or underground cabling and roadside configuration.

Cabled signals are problematic as the wires can be easily damaged and exposed ADSL cables pose a cyber security risk.

Bristol City Council

“The signals improved traffic flow and maximised capacity effectively, minimising the traffic impact of the works.”

Go wireless with the leaders in portable UTC

We are always at the forefront of innovation and were the first manufacturer to develop radio-linked portable signals controlled by UTC systems.

Our wireless UTC provides a safe and secure connection between signals and the Authority network without the risk of cables.

We are working with Highways Authorities to adopt our UTC system as the preferred method of urban traffic management, and experience the benefits of our reliable, ACM-based wireless portable signals.

Our wireless, radio-linked signal solution is protected by patent, you can read more about our patent here.

Now with secure VPN, UTC connectivity couldn’t be simpler!

Yet another industry first, our cloud-based VPN services provides secure, reliable UTC connection with lightning fast roadside implementation times.

Our new UTC service benefits Highways Authorities, TM providers and contractors, and the fast operational deployment time greatly reduces frustration for road users.

Once configured, our VPN gateway can be used across multiple sites and takes the complexity out of future works.

How our solution works

  • 1. Gather Information

    Our engineers gather all information required for a UTC job from the Highways Authority and TM contractor.

  • 2. Configure

    The UTC controller and VPN router are configured to the local UG405 system by Traffic Group Signals engineers.

  • 3. Test

    The Highways Authority then can safely test the UTC configuration remotely, before the equipment leaves the factory.

  • 4. Supply

    The fully tested and HA approved master control unit is shipped to the Traffic Management contractor.

  • 5. Deploy

    TM contractor deploys controller to site with the required signals and connects the pre-configured UTC controller.

  • 6. Monitor

    Site is controlled under UTC by the Highways Authority and closely monitored by our engineers.


  • Fully tested and certified UTC configuration ahead of roadside deployment
  • Quicker deployment time reduce disruption for road users
  • No cables reduces risk of site being taken down
  • HA not required to open up cabinet for roadside connections
  • Fully tested master delivered to your depot ready for deployment
  • Works with existing signals with Evo controllers
  • Speeds up TM deployment on site
  • Site will be monitored by TGS so you can be notified of any issues.
  • Option to hire full set-up or just master controller.
  • Work can commence quicker due to shorter TM implementation times
  • No cables trailing through site
  • Wireless solution means less road closures
  • UTC connectivity improves journey times and leading to lower emissions
  • Signals fully operational quicker, causing minimal disruption

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All you need to know about our managed UTC service and how you start making your road works safer, greener and more efficient.

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