Fleet Assist

Supporting Customer Success with FleetAssist

Introducing FleetAssist, a signal top-up service that helps customers grow their business.

FleetAssist helps customers save money by maximising their fleet efficiency.

Supporting Customer Success

FleetAssist supports your success by helping you manage peak periods or meet specialist product requirements without the cost of ownership.

Hire terms start from 4 weeks and can help you grow your business as you transition to owned fleet.

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Portable Traffic Signals

For FleetAssist enquiries, please call:

0345 460 9999

Existing customers only.

What is FleetAssist?

As Authority needs and priorities change, the Traffic Management Industry can often face quiet periods or extremely busy periods.

We wanted to support customers who suddenly find themselves with a heap of jobs and not enough portable signals or the right functionality to deliver them.

FleetAssist is a targeted service that provides customers with additional portable traffic signals when needed to meet peaks in demand. Our signals can be combined with existing fleet or delivered as a full set-up for a particular job requirement.

With FleetAssist you can access the latest technology and quality equipment maintained and delivered by the manufacturer.

Why choose FleetAssist?

  • Reduced Costs

    We can offer FleetAssist to customers who are looking to reduce the cost of signal fleet ownership and achieve greater signal optimisation. It means less time and money is spent maintaining equipment and a greater return on signal investment.

  • Increased Capacity

    TM work can often be seasonal, by choosing FleetAssist, you can flex your signal capacity to meet job demand without crowding the yard. FleetAssist can help you deliver more vehicle and pedestrian jobs than currently you have the equipment for.

  • Increased Functionality

    Certain jobs may require higher performance levels than your existing fleet can offer. We now exclusively offer our UTC master controller as a managed service through FleetAssist and will soon be introducing our very latest products to our hire fleet.

Our top-up fleet is maintained to the highest standards and features the latest performance updates

UTC on FleetAssist

We now exclusively offer our UTC master controller as a managed service through FleetAssist.

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UTC Master Controller

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