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AutoGreen® is a patented technology that uses artificial intelligence to dynamically adjust signal behaviour, adapting to ever-changing traffic conditions to minimise disruption caused by street works.

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AutoGreen is proven to improve journey times through roadworks by



“AutoGreen surpassed our expectations and allowed traffic to flow almost seamlessly”

Active Channel Management

Active Channel Management, or ACM, is a patent pending radio technology that overcomes congestion in the radio spectrum, preventing comms failure in portable signals.

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ACM has had a significant reduction on the number of call-outs received, and has eliminated nearly all complaints related to signal failures.

Herts TM

 Pro-Service Signalling for
Road Works and Street Works

Wireless UTC

Our patented UTC solution enables wireless integration with Authority UTC networks. Our solution provides seamless wireless connectivity between signals and the UTC system.

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“The signals improved traffic flow and maximised capacity effectively, minimising the traffic impact of the works.”

Bristol City Council

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