The purpose-built fleet management platform from Traffic Group Signals.

Introducing TMdesk, the purpose-built fleet management platform from Traffic Group Signals.

TMdesk is designed specifically for the Traffic Management industry to enhance the way signal assets are managed in a growing business.

By offering crucial information such as battery status, location, fault updates, and comms data, TMdesk empowers users to make well-informed choices when allocating resources.

With the complex task of overseeing a substantial fleet of assets spread across various depots, TMdesk enables customers to efficiently transfer signals to locations where work demands it most. This not only streamlines operations but also provides enhanced visibility into signal movements, ensuring optimal resource allocation.

The future of traffic management
is digital.

Track your signals from depot to site

TMdesk enables you to track your signals as they move from depot to site, giving you confidence that your assets are where you expect them to be.

TMdesk notifies you whenever the signal is moved unexpectedly, both around site and in the event of suspected theft.

Enhance your signal battery management

Plan your battery swaps more effectively with realtime battery readings, helping you to reduce unneccessary visits to site.

Subscribe to early battery alerts for critical or remote sites to allow you to plan operative schedules and reduce risk.

Monitor your asset status with alerts

Users have full control over a range of alert settings, allowing them to tailor their notifications to the asset updates they need to receive.

TMdesk provides detailed alert information, enabling you to better manage your response and record maintenance logs in the Asset Audit Trail.


Maybe you’ve just taken on a new depot or contract and your fleet has just become much harder to manage, or maybe you already have a large fleet and you are looking for a smarter way to keep on top of your asset management. Either way, TMdesk has been designed to work for you.

Here are some of the many benefits TMdesk:

Cost Savings

TMdesk offers a solution to minimize the expenses associated with manual maintenance checks

Improve Safety

By reducing the likelihood of battery failures, which can lead to accidents and disrupt traffic flow

Boost Reliability

TMdesk’s asset log function plays a vital role in ensuring optimal equipment performance

Promote Sustainability

TMdesk contributes to the sustainability of traffic management by reducing waste in service delivery

Enhance Stakeholder Engagement

TMdesk supports effective communication with multiple stakeholders

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  • Increase signal reliability with ACM


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