RC2 Tripod Stillage

At a Glance

  Protects signal during transit and storage
  Rugged, recycled plastic case
  Secure, stackable design with carry handles

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RC2 Tripod Stillage

To meet the growing demand of our customers performing emergency and day works, we’ve developed the rugged RC2 Tripod Stillage. The Tripod stillage is designed for safe stowage in the TM vehicle or in the depot, protecting the vital elements of the signal during transit and storage.

Rugged Moulded Case

The rugged moulded case is made from 100% recycled and recyclable plastic, and has been designed to hold a single RC2 tripod stand and signal head. Three cut-out handles enable two users to safely carry the stillage, or it could be transported more easily with the use of a lightweight sack truck.

Tie Down Straps for Secure Transit

The RC2 Tripod is retained within the stillage by a single webbing strap, which is sufficient to keep it secure during transit. If transporting the stillage on a flatbed vehicle or trailer, there are two locator points for wider ratchet straps to prevent the stillages from movement.

Stackable Design

The RC2 Tripod Stillage is designed to be stacked, making it safer to transport multiple signals on a flatbed or in a TM van. It also makes it possible to stack several units on top of each other for storing in the depot, which provides space saving as well as preventing the signals from becoming knocked over and damaged.

Prevents Radar and Antenna from Transit Damage

The stillage design incorporates additional construction around the vital elements of the signal, preventing them from damage. When transporting RC2 Tripod signals loose, the radar and radio antenna can be easily damaged, impacting performance and operation. The RC2 Tripod Stillage keeps the signal head protected, a must for users looking to protect their assets.

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Physical Specification

Dimensions L1200mm x W615mm x H280mm
Weight without signal Approx. 7.5kg
Weight with signal Approx. 40kg
Material 100% recycled plastic
Colour Black only

 RC2 Tripod Stillage Support Resources

RC2 Tripod Stillage Product Leaflet


RadioConnect2 Series Product Manual


RC2 Tripod Stillage User Guide



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