Metro Stillage

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  Protects signal head during transit and storage
  Lifting eye and forklift slots

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Metro stillages are an important part of the deployment of Metro sites.

The stillage secures pre-built Metro signal heads, preventing movement during transit and protecting the signal from damage. With lifting eyes and forklift slots, they are suitable to be handled by a range of lifting equipment.

The stillages are stackable, so that they use up less space on the transit vehicle and during storage. By containing the signals, transport is safer and removed the risk of loose equipment disrupting your working environment.

Rapid Deployment

Stillages are also a very safe way of transporting goods without needing to unload and contain loose equipment. This saves time during deployment, and creates a much safer working environment for operatives and the general public.

It also benefits deployments by reducing the time it takes to load and unload signal heads during transportation to depots or work sites, and makes it easy to assess how much pre-build equipment exists.


Increased Safety

The Metro Stillage increase the safety in the deployment of Metro, by providing a controlled way in which equipment is offloaded from the transport vehicle. Reflective red strips on the stillages improve visibility when offloading at night.

Follows our LEAN manufacturing principles

The Metro Stillage is manufactured to be stackable, maximising depot floor space and helping our depot to become more organised, making it easier to find the products we want, when we need them. This enables to improve the service delivery we provide our customers.


Stillage options Single head, Multi-head
Dimensions (single head) L3038mm x W1008mm x H629mm
Dimensions (multi head) L3038mm x W1008mm x H927mm
Weight (single head) 124kg
Weight (multi-head) 136 kg
Finish White with red reflective detail


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