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The Safelite Wig-Wag Crossing Signal is designed for traffic management at level crossings or fire stations and features a backing board and flasher unit.

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Safelite is our range of modular signals designed for non-highway, traffic management applications. The Safelite system can be used in loading bays, car parks, race tracks, level crossings and more!


Safelite can be built to suit your needs with a range of lamp and fitting options. We use IP54 rated scratch resistant material for the signal housing, which will not fade in the sun, and vandal resistant lenses and door screws. This results in a very low maintenance and durable product that you can rely on.


The Wig-Wag Crossing Signal


The Safelite Wig-Wag is designed for traffic management use at level crossings and fire stations. It comes fully assembled with backing board and flasher unit with low power LED lamps. Because of the low maintenance design, the Wig-Wag should remain operational for over 10 years.


You can easily mount the Wig-Wag unit against a wall or pole using swivel brackets, and the cable management system means that no wires are exposed.


If you have any questions about Safelite, please contact [email protected]

  • IP54 Rated
  • 100,000 hour life expectancy
  • Fade, scratch and vandal resistant
  • Multiple configurations
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