EvoPed Temporary Pedestrian Crossing

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Our EvoPed Temporary Pedestrian Crossing is a wireless temporary traffic management system designed to closely mimic a permanent setup, improving driver and pedestrian safety. The large modular signal head with low energy optics makes EvoPed ideal for junction replacements and long duration works.

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The Evo®Ped is a wireless temporary pedestrian crossing system designed to closely mimic a permanent setup, improving driver and pedestrian safety. The large signal head with low energy LED optics makes EvoPed ideal for junction replacements and long duration works. It features a durable steel base unit capable of housing up to six batteries, and crossing wait indicator with Radix® tactile and/audible option.

The standard EvoPed configuration features two 3 aspect vehicle signals and a far side pedestrian signal, similar to a permanent crossing. Wireless operation enables safer and quicker deployment and easy set-up.

The modular design of EvoPed means that different system configurations are available to suit most temporary pedestrian-only traffic light installations.

About the Evo T2 Controller

Utilising the best aspects of the EVO® range, the T2 was developed to offer an entry-level, 2 phase controller. The simple touch-panel layout provides for quick and easy setup and can be configured as a vehicle or pedestrian signal in more complex EvoPed systems.

About the Traffic Head

The 3-aspect traffic signal head is designed to permanent signal specifications and features a in UV-stable polyethylene design. Our optics are the very latest LED low-energy design and are capable of automatic dimming and current monitoring to achieve longer run times.

The traffic signal head features the new generation of AGD vehicle detectors, positioned above the red aspect for better monitoring, and can be provided with removable aspect louvres and/or hoods where required.

Why buy the EvoPed?

We recommend the EvoPed to anyone looking for a wireless temporary pedestrian crossing for use in high profile or urban applications where increased safety is critical.

  • Unique Dual-Band Radio offering unparalleled communication ability
  • Master and signal operation
  • Temporary, immoveable bases with adjustable feet
  • Ability to house 6 x batteries in each unit
  • Low energy LED optics for improved run times
  • Fully monitored tactiles (RADIX® tactile option)
  • TOPAS Registered
No of Batteries 6
Integrated Charger No
Runtime on Single Charge (Days) Up to 14 days
Total Weight without Batteries (Kg) 290kg
Total Weight with Batteries (Kg) 425kg
Doppler Radar Yes
FMCW Radar No
Auto-Recovery Basic Recovery Function
Max Traffic Phases 2
Max Heads 4
Max Vehicle Heads 4
Max  Heads Per Vehicle Phase 2
All-Red Yes
Manual Yes
Fixed Time Yes
VA Yes
AutoGreen No
Dry Heat
BS EN 60068-2-2:2007 Pass
BS EN 60068-2-1:2007 Pass
Damp Cyclic
BS EN 60068-2-30:2005 Pass
BS EN 60068-2-31:2008 Pass
BS EN 62262:2002 & BS EN 60068-2-75:2014 Pass
Random Vibration – Transportation
 TR2130E Sect 5.1 Pass
Random Vibration – Operational
TR2130E Sect 5.2 Pass
BS EN 60068-2-64:2008 Pass
BS EN 60068-2-27:2009 Pass
Water Ingress
BS EN 60529:1992 + A2:2013 Pass
Drop and Topple
TR2130E & BS EN 60068-2-31:2008 Fail
Wind tunnel test >30m/Sec
Audible Sounders Yes
Radix Tactiles Yes
Client Specific Coding No
Keyed alike option? Yes
Custom Colour Any RAL colour
Active Channel Management Yes, with ACM Upgrade
Compatible Controllers T2, T5, PT5
Interchangeable Traffic and Pedestrian Heads Yes, must use compatible controller

Spares and repairs are available for this product, for all enquiries please email: [email protected] or call: 0345 460 9999

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