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Charging Bank

At a Glance

The fixed installation charger system is designed for depot bank charging and can simultaneously charge up to 12 x 12V battery packs.

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The charger range offered by TGS has been selected to cover a variety of charging applications. All have the charge profiles to suit the batteries supplied with our portable and temporary traffic lights, and are designed to efficiently charge and condition the batteries. By using suitable charging equipment, you can prolong the performance and life of the battery.


The Ultra 100/12 charging system has the capacity to individually charge up to 12 x 12V battery packs.


Divided in to 2x banks of 6 charging points, the charger displays a simple indicator sequence to advise of any faults, charging status and fully charged states.


The fixed installation charger is designed for off-site charging in the depot, and can be wall mounted to form a bespoke charging station.


Suitable for indoor use only.

  • Designed to work with TGS portable and temporary signals
  • Able to individually charge up to 12 x 12V batteries
  • Ideal for depot charging and charging station applications
  • Wall mountable
  • Indoor use only

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