Setting the standard for safety, quality and performance in portable traffic signals.

The most advanced signal in the industry

Designed from the ground up with safety, security and performance in mind, the RadioConnect2 (RC2) is the most advanced portable traffic light in the industry. With AutoGreen® and Active Channel Management built-in, the RC2 sets the standard for efficient traffic management.

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Why choose the RadioConnect2?

  • Technology

    Packed with Cutting Edge Technology.

    With AutoGreen and Active Channel Management, the RC2 is the industry’s most advanced and reliable portable traffic signal.

  • Battery performance

    Superior Battery Performance and Security.

    Our batteries boast an impressive 18-day runtime and our secure design makes battery theft a thing of the past.

  • Safer and Faster to Deploy.

    Designed with the user in mind, the RC2 is easy to transport, safer to deploy and simple to configure.


AutoGreen Technology

Manual Control can be difficult to deliver

Manual Control is costly and difficult to deliver, and places an operative in a dangerous environment where they are exposed to traffic, abuse from the public and pollution.

In many applications, a man on site could be avoided through the use of more efficient and reliable technology.

Manual Control

VA mode can block the shuttle lane

VA and other systems over-extend green times, which become inefficient in higher traffic volumes. The outdated Doppler radar technology used in VA is unable to cope with congestion, which can disrupt phase service.

When signal phasing is disrupted the shuttle lane can become blocked. This can cause significant frustration for road users and can severely impact surrounding infrastructure.

Video: Witness how VA frequently causes congestion

Keep traffic flowing 24/7 with AutoGreen

AutoGreen is an advanced method of Vehicle Actuation for portable traffic signals that uses artificial intelligence to optimise signal operation to best suit current traffic conditions.

AutoGreen improves traffic flow, reduces driver frustration and lessens the need for manual control or manual intervention.

Video: Experience how AutoGreen keeps your site clear

Reliable Radio Comms

The radio spectrum is filling up fast, meaning portable traffic signals have to communicate with each other in an increasingly congested environment.

Our Active Channel Management technology delivers reliable radio performance for portable and temporary traffic signals operating in challenging environments.

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Active Channel Management

Active Channel Hopping

ACM pro-actively and re-actively switches to the clearest radio channel to maintain strong connection at all times without impacting signal operation.


Enhanced Comms Data

ACM provides the user with detailed information about the performance of the radio link to each signal, helping identify and resolve any communications issues.

Active Channel Management Advanced Comms

Greater Resilience

Our ACM-enabled traffic signals are the most reliable in the market, able to confidently handle common system faults and auto-recover where necessary, helping minimise call-outs and avoiding painstaking system reboots. In the rare event that the system is irrecoverable, the signals will fail to lights out. This is deemed to be the safest outcome for motorists until the system is restored by the TM provider.

Precision Engineered for Safety and Security

Our secure trolley design with locking bar makes unwanted battery removal near impossible. We have yet to receive a single reported battery theft since the model was launched.

Thanks to the in-built charging system, the high quality batteries can remain in the unit for the life of the product.

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RC2 - Battery Security

Easy to Deploy

The RC2 features retractable handles and is stable and well-balanced, making it safe and easy to manoeuvre by the operative.

The low 130kg system weight means that up to four RC2 traffic signals can be transported on an un-braked trailer, eliminating the need for a C1E towing licence.  Convenient tie-down points allow for secure and flexible transport to suit the application.

An eye-level control panel means the operative can see oncoming traffic during configuration, allowing for greater safety during deployment.

To minimise manual handling, the RC2 has high quality integrated chargers as standard, delivering full charge in 12 hours. Combined with 18 day run time, battery swaps will become thing of the past!

Moving RC2 AutoGreen
Customer Branding


We understand the importance of projecting a professional image at all times when equipment is deployed on the public highways.

The RadioConnect2 features a contemporary design that can be manufactured in a range of colours to help your kit stand out from the rest!

The distinctive, rugged base is UV stable and easy to clean, helping you deliver tidy sites that are sure to impress and grow your reputation.

We also provide areas for you to apply your contact details and company logo on the front of the unit and back of the signal.

Whats your colour RC2

Built in the UK at Hollco

The RadioConnect2 Series traffic signals is precision-engineered at our modern Hollco site in Gloucestershire.

We are now inviting customers for a tour, respecting current Government guidelines around social distancing.

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Hollco RC2

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