Introducing Metro.

The Visibly Safer Temporary Traffic Signal


Providing contractors with a safer, wireless, temporary traffic control system that provides vastly improved signal visibility.

Our new temporary traffic signal system is designed for use in complex and critical road work environments, haul route crossings and standalone pedestrian crossings.

Metro makes a statement with its full height signal pole and conspicuous white bases with high visibility red band, that conform to regulatory requirements and improve public and driver perception.

Our most advanced signal yet, it features AutoGreenActive Channel Management, and UTC connectivity, alongside a wealth of performance enhancements to improve run time and usability.

It uses a purpose-built controller designed for temporary traffic signal applications, with a set of dedicated modes, and a radar that is configurable for high speed road deployments.

Metro Traffic Signal

Experience Metro

We are able to provide customers with an online presentation or the opportunity to view the product at the Pike Works. Please click below to arrange a demo:

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Temporary Traffic Signals

Safer and Quicker Deployment

Metro is quick to deploy, with only 3 components to assemble at the roadside and no cables.

The minimal construction and wireless connectivity mean that Metro can be installed under partial road closures without the need of specialist equipment.


Unrivalled Radio Comms

Metro uses the latest high reliability Active Channel Management radio communications which allows it to be safely deployed for long durations without the risk of channel interference.

ACM dynamically changes radio frequency to maintain strong communication between signals at all time, and prevents the signals from being impacted by other radio users. If interference or congestion is detected, Metro will seamlessly jump to a clear signal to avoid disruption.

This vital technology ensures that Metro can be deployed in all locations without the risk of comms failure.

Find out more about ACM.

Metro Signal Radio Wave

Witness Metro in Action!

See how Metro has been recently installed at a high visibility junction by Chevron Traffic Management.

Experience Metro

We are able to provide customers with an online presentation or the opportunity to view the product at the Pike Works.

Please click below to arrange a demo:

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Temporary Traffic Signals

Experience the possibilities

Experience the possibilities of  a wide range of applications achieved through the modular Metro signal head. The signal heads are pre-fitted to the pole and safely transported using a custom designed stillage, ready to be installed to the base unit to get you up and running as quickly as possible, minimising disruption.

The signal head and pole is of Full Regulation design and conforms to BS EN12368 and TSRGD Diagram 3000.

With industry leading comms performance, up to 34 Metro signal units can be wirelessly combined to form a complete temporary traffic control system, capable of 9 vehicle phases and 8 pedestrian crossings. The wireless performance makes it ideal for applications where cabled alternatives are impractical or impossible to install.

Temporary Replacement of Permanent Signals

The Metro Pro system delivers signalling capabilities usually only found in permanent signals. This includes stage-based operation and support for a full intergreen matrix which combine to achieve very high signalling efficiency.

Our Metro Pro signal schemes are expertly designed and can be modified in a matter of minutes using our in-house software platform Signal Studio, which offers end-to-end design of schemes through validation to implementation. Installation and movement of roadside signals is vastly simplified as a result of the cable-free design, making for much faster and safer deployments, safer sites and a high level of flexibility if signals need to be moved to accommodate changes in the phases of works.


Haul Route Crossings

Metro is perfect for Haul Route Crossings, which are often required at sites of major construction projects such as HS2.

They require the enhanced safety of temporary traffic signals to enable greater visibility within the existing road infrastructure.


For more information visit: Metro Haul Routes and Compounds
Haul Routes

Temporary Pedestrian Crossings

Metro is ideal for Temporary Pedestrian Crossings, which can be performed using just two base units.

The pedestrian crossings can come fitted with tactiles or audible sounders, to aid the visually impaired, and provide increased visibility to improve safety.


For more information visit: Metro Standalone Pedestrian Crossings

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