Whether it's an emergency, planned or critical infrastructure roadworks operation, our solutions enable you to provide safe and efficient traffic management whilst minimising disruption to the public.

Pro-service Signalling for Road and Street Works

  • Emergency

    Emergency & Day Works

    Burst water main? Gas Leak?  Our range of lightweight signals solutions can be stowed in the work vehicle and enable you to respond to incidents quickly while keeping your workforce and road users safe.

  • Planned utilities works

    Planned Works

    Reduce the impact of planned works by deploying efficient control methods. With proven AutoGreen Technology and ultimate comms reliability, our signals keep operatives and road users happy.

  • Critical Infrastructure

    To meet the demand for safer and more efficient works, we have developed an unrivalled signalling system that vastly improves traffic flows, reduces carbon emissions and can be deployed anywhere.

Download the Utilties Industry Guide

Download the guide to selecting the right traffic signals for your street and road works.

Utilities Guide

Emergency & Day Works

Burst water main? Gas Leak? Sometimes you need to be able to respond to an incident quickly but need to ensure your workers are protected.

We have a range of lightweight signal solutions that can allow you to quickly deploy traffic management measures, enabling you to focus on remedial works.

Recommended Products

  • RoboSign

    Go Robosign

    Our entry level system for basic traffic control.

  • EvoLite

    EvoLite Tripod

    The EvoLite is a practical solution for Evo Series users.

  • RC2 Tripod

    RC2 Tripod

    The ultimate lightweight signal solution, the RC2 is perfect for day works and emergency response.


Planned Works

When planning roadworks, the local authority looks to coordinate timing to avoid as much disruption to the local roads as possible. In some cases, authorities may impose certain restrictions or penalties to ensure the conditions of the permit are met and the work is progressing at a reasonable speed. Traffic Group Signals provide an advanced range of control methods with proven performance gains over conventional signals.

Improve journey times through roadworks by 50% with AutoGreen and benefit from comms reliability with Active Channel Management, a winning combination that keep road users happy.

Recommended Products

  • RadioConnect2


    The RadioConnect2 redefined the portable signal industry, with a ground-breaking design, ease-of-use and congestion busting AutoGreen Technology, it has become the go-to signal for street
    works operatives.

  • Evo Multi Series

    RadioMaster Micro Evo

    The award-winning Evo Multi Series is a tried and tested system for traffic and pedestrian control. The Evo Multi Series can offer users up to a wide range of control options, from UTC to wireless connectivity of up to 34 heads in a system.

M1 J15 Northampton – A complex Metro Scheme comprising of 43 signal heads, 10 Stages and remote control and monitoring. The site in question handles over 80,000 vehicles per day and is the world’s most advanced deployment of wireless signals to date.


Critical Infrastructure

The street and road works sector is under pressure to drive forward safety, quality, efficiency, whilst prioritising the needs of the general public.

In order to meet the demand for safer and more efficient works, Traffic Group Signals have developed a range of sophisticated technology designed to greatly improve traffic flows thus reducing carbon emissions.

Metro Temporary Signal System

Reduce the impact on critical infrastructure and protect your workforce with the Metro Temporary Signal System.

Metro is a full height temporary signal system capable of staging functionality with endless control possibilities.


Discover Metro



Temporary Traffic Signals

Professional Services for the Utilities Industry

In order to support customer success, we have a specialised team that can help you plan, deliver and monitor the most complex schemes, ensuring positive collaboration between traffic managers, utilities companies and highways authorities throughout the process.

We invite our partners in the utilities sector to join us on our journey to level-up traffic management, with new and exciting innovations that offer endless possibilities for safer, greener and more efficient temporary traffic control.

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