Intellectual Property

Traffic Group Signals Limited is focused on delivering market leading products for the portable and temporary traffic signal market. There is a significant continued investment in our knowledge base through various activities including research and design with the aim of continually improving our products and services for the benefit of the customer and the user.

Our continued investment in R&D ensures we build our knowledge base which enables us to find solutions to our customers’ problems. We work with customers to design and develop new solutions using our extensive experience and expertise. Our R&D activities also ensure that each new product is fully tested and verified for safe and efficient use.

Robust Conformance

Extensive use of professional 3rd party test house facilities ensures robust Radio, EMC and environmental conformance for all our products. Not only does this give customers the confidence that our products will operate in the range of temperature conditions that they need to work in but are also stable under the specified wind conditions as well as the rough handling that they are sometimes subjected to.

Much of our Intellectual Property is protected by Patents, Registered Designs and Registered Trademarks and this can be found in the relevant product literature.


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