Lightweight, robust and flexible, the Micro is a portable traffic signal that does it all.

Lightweight portable traffic system

A staple product in the UK’s traffic management industry, the Micro is popular for it’s robust and compact form, making it ideal for urban deployments. Micro features a range of controllers and signal heads, enabling it to be used for a wide range of applications.

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Rugged and Lightweight

Weighing in at just under 120kg, the Micro is a lightweight portable signal that is easy to handle. Up to four units can be transported on an un-braked trailer, making it ideal for deployments requiring a high number of heads.

Although lightweight, the fully-galvanised, riveted steel construction is built to last.

Vehicle or Pedestrian

The rugged, traffic and pedestrian signal heads feature a one-piece design and are built to last. The LED optics are capable of automatic dimming and current monitoring to achieve longer run times.

If required, the signal heads are interchangeable with the Micro base unit.

Wide Range of Applications

The Micro traffic signal has been designed to use our range of award-winning Evo controllers, enabling you to perform a wide range of temporary traffic management applications.

The Evo controller range offers users functionality from 2-way control up to 9 traffic phases and 8 pedestrian crossings.

Custom Branding

We understand the importance of projecting a professional image at all times when equipment is deployed on the public highways.

The Micro features a distinctive design that can be painted to any RAL colour, matching your brand perfectly and helping your kit stand out from the rest!

Not only do painted bases look great, but it can also deter equipment theft.

We can also work with you to develop your own branded labels, making sure they are printed to the right quality and applied by us at the point of manufacture.

Exceptional Build Quality

Micro has been built to the highest standards, using durable materials able to withstand a tough life on the road. Our traffic signals undergo tough quality assessments to ensure they are up to the task for the years ahead.

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signal heads

Build your Micro

Micro is a modular portable traffic signal, which can be custom-built to meet user need. This can enable our customers to be more cost efficient, by allowing them to configure their fleet to their requirements without worrying about compatibility across the Evo Multi range.

Step 1:

Choose your Signal Head

Micro can be fitted with either a traffic or pedestrian signal head.

The signal head features automatic dimming to prolong battery life and is built in an easy to maintain, rugged casing.

Step 2:

Select your Controller

The Micro traffic signal has been designed to use our range of award-winning Evo Multi-Channel controllers, enabling you to perform a wide range of temporary traffic management applications. With Evo Multi, you can perform tasks from two vehicle phases up to nine vehicle phases and eight pedestrian crossings (Evo PT5 with Evo PT4+)

The Evo PT5 is our flagship controller, able to deliver five vehicle phases and four pedestrian crossings.

Evo PT5 Controller
Step 3:

Apply your Branding

Bases can be painted to any K7 RAL colour or are supplied galvanised as standard. In addition, we are able to apply customer livery at point of manufacture for a professional finish.

Step 4:

Add your Accessories

Micro can be fitted with a range of accessories or add-ons during and after manufacture.

We are able to install tactiles and sounders to pedestrian crossings, keyed-alike barrel locks, integrated chargers and GPS trackers as well as offering additional batteries at competitive rates.

We also supply trailers designed specifically for our products, in both 750kg un-braked and 1500kg braked versions, perfect for transporting signals and signs to site.

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