Why we use CCTV

CCTV is in use for the following:

  • Congestion Monitoring

  • Timing Optimisation

  • Theft Deterrence

1. CCTV for Congestion Monitoring

Our CCTV helps us monitor and understand the source of congestion at roadworks. Our signal engineers are then able to adjust the traffic signal timings remotely to clear the roadworks of traffic and reduce the impact on the surrounding road network.

2. CCTV for Signal Timing Optimisation

We strive to make our traffic signals work as efficiently as possible while ensuring contractors can safely carry out their work. Our CCTV allows us to optimise our signal timings to keep traffic flowing through the site, accounting for all road users and reducing the environmental impact of queuing vehicles.

3. CCTV for Theft Deterrence

The theft of stolen traffic light equipment seriously endangers the public and causes a severe impact to the road network. The presence of our CCTV acts as a deterrent to would-be thieves. In the event of theft, we are able to identify which signal equipment is affected in order to remedy without first visiting the site.


Using congestion monitoring to create

Safer, Greener and More Efficient road works.

Privacy Notice

CCTV cameras are live view only and are operated exclusively by Traffic Group Signals. No recording data is stored in the equipment or in removable or online hosted storage. The CCTV camera is not monitored 24/7, however, can be accessed at any time of day should we be alerted to traffic build-up. The CCTV camera is not used for enforcement or public surveillance and the camera system does not allow us to transfer data for this purpose. The camera system is not accessible by anyone other than Traffic Group Signals, the signal operator.

Any concerns may be forwarded to [email protected].


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