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Create safer haul route crossings

Providing contractors with vastly improved signal visibility and a safer, wireless, temporary traffic control system which complies to haul route permit conditions.

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Purpose built for safer haul route crossing

  • High visibility

    Approx 3.5m in height - far taller than regular portable signals.

  • Main road priority

    Signals rest at green on the public highway to minimise impact on busy routes.

  • Remote management and signal studio

    Crossings can be designed by contractors and are monitored at all times via TMdesk.

  • High speed capable

    Time of Arrival (ToA) tech identifies fast approaching vehicles resulting in safer operation.

Metro haul route crossingKey features

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Dedicated Crossing Mode

Metro features a Crossing operating mode which supports the specific needs of standalone haul route crossings.

Arterial Reversion

Signals rest at green on the public highway in the absence of demand. This minimises impact on busy arterial routes.

Haul Route Hold-off

The haul route can be configured with a simple hold-off period that limits how frequently the crossing will be serviced, allowing the haul route demand to be balanced against the public highway traffic.

High Speed Capable

Metro uses Time of Arrival (ToA) technology within the AGD306 radar to identify fast approaching vehicles resulting in safer operation on high speed roads.

Active Channel Management

ACM monitors all radio channels to ensure the system is using the clearest available channel to maintain strong communication between signal units and seamlessly changes to a new channel if interference is detected.

Remote Management

With TMdesk, the crossing is monitored at all times. Traffic Managers, Highways Authorities and Main Contractors can collaborate over a shared view of the site and the associated Audit Trail.

Plan your Crossing with Signal Studio

Signal Studio allows Haul Route Crossings to be designed and signals to be positioned onto a site map or TM plan. The Signal Studio Data Pack download contains layout details and kitting lists that simplify deployment and Highway Authority approvals.

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