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Our RC2 AutoGreen Traffic Light is the most advanced portable signal in the TM industry, proven to improve journey times at road works by up to 50%. With AutoGreen Technology and Active Channel Management, the RC2 sets the standard for efficient traffic management. With 18+ day run times, it is becoming the signal of choice for TM and utilities companies.

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  • AutoGreen
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Designed from the ground up with safety, security and performance in mind, the RadioConnect2 (RC2) is the most advanced portable traffic light in the industry. With AutoGreen® and Active Channel Management built-in, the RC2 sets the standard for efficient traffic management.


RadioConnect2’s ground-breaking design addresses the common problems faced by the traffic industry, such as signal performance, battery theft and reliability.



Operatives will find the RC2 really easy to use with the simple control panel, which is placed at eye level. This makes the signal safer to use, because you can see oncoming traffic when setting up. The base unit has tie down straps and stow-away handles to make transporting convenient and more secure.


The built-in chargers enable it to be fully charged in 12 hours, reducing the need to carry heavy batteries around the depot.


The RC2 features our patented Active Channel Management (ACM) technology, for more reliable radio communications. How does it work? By proactively monitoring, switching and recovering radio channels, ACM maintains a strong connection between units at all times. This means your lights are unlikely to fail when in use.



The days of battery theft are gone with the steel locking bar built within the solid frame. Each RC2 has a customer specific code to stop it working with other units and the lock-down stabiliser system stops unwanted movement when the signal is in use.



With our patented AutoGreen Technology, the RC2 AutoGreen traffic light dynamically adjusts green times for 2-way operation, proven to improve journey times by up to 50%. Read more in the section below!


The RC2 boasts a best-in-class run time of 18 days or more, so you can save money by reducing battery swaps and charging batteries less. You can see the battery level and estimated days remaining on the signal display.


These performance features have environmental benefits that help our customers add value to their service and their clients.


Why buy the RadioConnect2 AutoGreen Traffic Light?

Most Traffic Management companies who trial our RC2 units don’t want to give them back! We have spent hundreds of hours fine-tuning the design and technology of the RC2 to make it the very best portable signal at a competitive price.


The RC2 performs up to 4-way operation, so is ideal for TM firms who mostly operate in rural areas or deliver traffic management for shuttle lane street works.

AutoGreen is a patented technology that uses artificial intelligence to dynamically adjust signal behaviour. It adapts to ever-changing traffic conditions, improving journey times through roadworks by up to 50%.

AutoGreen is considered a viable alternative to manual control because of its efficiency and ability to prevent roadworks becoming jammed. This is a problem often found in standard VA (vehicle actuated) portable signals with Doppler radars.


This patented technology is only available to Traffic Group Signals.


It is becoming the chosen mode of operation for utilities companies looking to reduce the cost and reliance on manual control, which can be challenging, less safe and often unnecessary for many sites.


Read more about AutoGreen in our technical paper.
  • Best-in-class run-time of 18 days or more
  • AutoGreen Technology
  • Active Channel Management
  • Advanced AGD FMCW radar
  • Full charge in under 12 hours
  • Battery security and stabiliser
  • Up to 4-way operation
No of Batteries 2
Built-in Charger Yes
Runtime on Single Charge (Days) Up to 18 days
Total Weight without Batteries (Kg) <90kg
Total Weight with Batteries (Kg) <130kg
Max Heads on an Unbraked Trailer 4
Doppler Radar No
FMCW Radar Yes
Auto-Recovery Time Based Restart
Max Traffic Phases 4
Max Vehicle Heads 4
Max Heads Per Vehicle Phase 2
All-Red Yes
Manual Yes
Fixed Time Yes
VA Yes
AutoGreen Yes
Dry Heat
BS EN 60068-2-2:2007 Pass
BS EN 60068-2-1:2007 Pass
Damp Cyclic
BS EN 60068-2-30:2005 Pass
BS EN 60068-2-31:2008 Pass
BS EN 62262:2002 & BS EN 60068-2-75:2014 Pass
Random Vibration – Transportation
 TR2130E Sect 5.1 Pass
Random Vibration – Operational
TR2130E Sect 5.2 Pass
BS EN 60068-2-64:2008 Pass
BS EN 60068-2-27:2009 Pass
Water Ingress
BS EN 60529:1992 + A2:2013 Pass
Drop and Topple
TR2130E & BS EN 60068-2-31:2008 Fail
Wind tunnel test 29m/Sec




Client Specific Coding Yes
Keyed alike option? Yes
Custom Colour Choice of 12 interchangeable colours
Active Channel Management Yes

RadioConnect2 Product Leaflet


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Spares and repairs are available for this product, for more info please email: [email protected] or call: 0345 460 9999

2 year parts warranty excluding battery.

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